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Week of December 30, 2018

Dear Friends of Cunningham:

Do you have anything remaining on your “To Do” list to be completed in 2018? This Sunday, we will check a number of things off our Cunningham List. We will celebrate the baptism of Riley Covert. We will welcome Bill, Jackie and Ryan Peters into our membership. We will recognize our retiring and new church leaders. Most importantly, we will praise and worship God and give thanks for the blessings God has given us. Our worship time will include opportunities for the congregation to select your favorite Christmas carols!If you feel God nudging you to do one more thing in 2018, I hope you will say “yes” to God. If that “one more thing” happens to be taking steps in your journey of faith, I hope you will share that step with me. There still is time to take the steps of baptism or church membership—just contact me.

Praying for a joyful completion of 2018 and for God’s blessings in 2019.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Tom


December 30, 2018
Sunday, December 30:
9:30 am         Worship Service
3:00 pm         Fifth Sunday Praise & Worship at Ivy Creek UMC
Monday, December 31:
11:00 am           Feeding the Hungry
Tuesday, January 1:
Happy New Year Office Closed
Wednesday, January 2
7:00 pm          Choir Practice
Other Announcements
Fifth Sunday: Today is a “Fifth Sunday.” On the fifth Sunday of a month (it happens once per quarter), we invite children to remain in the sanctuary with us for worship. Nursery care is available for infants and pre-K. Next week, we will return to our regular schedule for Children’s Sunday School.

Youth Fifth Sunday Praise & Worship: The youth invite everyone to join them for a time of Praise and Worship at Ivy Creek UMC on December 30th. Worship will start at 3 p.m.

Pastor Tom and Carol will be taking two weeks for a time of rest, renewal and discernment. In the event of needs requiring pastoral care, please leave a message on his cell phone: (434-906-5959).

The Decor Committee is glad to announce that we have just received a donation for two large custom imprinted door mats for the front and side entrances of our new fellowship hall. They will be an attractive and welcoming addition. Remember, our Committee members are available to help you when you are ready to make your purchase.

Congregational Care: Kim Conboy has taken on the task of organizing our Congregational Care Ministry. With the passage of time, we find changes in the needs of our congregation, as well as the resources of our faith community to respond. Please take a few moments to let us know of your interest—you can add a note on your Connection Card. Thank you!

Looking for Help: We still are trying to fill the position of Assistant Treasurer: This position is intended to offer, initially a chance to learn the systems and processes for issuing payments from the church’s accounts, maintaining the financial books and records of the church, and issuing periodic reports to the Church Council. Our expectation is that the Assistant Treasurer would assume the duties of the Treasurer by the end of 2019. Is God calling you to serve your church in this role? Please speak with Pastor Tom.

Partners in Ministry Update: as of December 23, 2018:

Source Amount Committed Contributions
34 Pledges $465,070.00  $447,790.57
Other Contributions  $145,727.16  $145,727.16
Total  $610,797.16  $593,517.73

Spending Time with the Bible: Center yourself for a moment, asking God to speak to you through the scriptures. Then read slowly. To give you a roadmap, we offer reading suggestions based upon the Daily Office contained in the Book of Common Prayer. You can also find these readings online at www.BibleGateway.com/reading-plans/bcp-daily-office/today. Don’t rush—it is more important that you take time to hear the voice of God than it is to finish all of the readings on any particular day. As you read, take note of words or phrases that draw your attention, and meditate on the meaning that those words or phrases hold for you. Here are the readings for this week:

Day Old T. Psalm Epistle Gospel
Sun Isa 62:6-7, 10-12 93, 96 Heb 2:10-18 Matt 1:18-25
Mon Isa 65:15b-25 90 Rev 21:1-6
Tues Gen 17:1-12a, 15-16 103, 148 Col 2:6-12 John 16:23b-30
Wed Gen 12:1-7 34, 33 Heb 11:1-12 John 6:35-42, 48-51
Th Gen 28:10-22 68, 72 Heb 11:13-22 John 10:7-17
Fri Ex 3:1-12 85, 87 Heb 11:23-31 John 14:6-14
Sat Isa 66:1-23 29,98 Rom 15:7-13

Save the Date:
February 10 Dedication of our new “Gathering Place”
February 16 Family Concert with Chip Richter in our “Gathering Place”
Food for Thought
But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19 (NRSV)